Fixed Forever Brake Relines! Only $269* Fixed Forever Brake Relines @ $269! Includes premium brake pads and rotors labor. Rotors and pad sensors extra. Excludes commercial vehicles and dealer parts. Not combinable with other offers. Some exclusions apply. See store for details. Expires 7/31/2014. Coupon codes: BK2FF (Front) &/or BK3FF (Rear). ... [more...] EXP 7/31/2014 Pothole Prescription Special! $99.99! Pothole Prescription Tire & Mechanical Special! $99.99 - Est 3 Hours of Service (Over $225 value!); 4 Wheel Alignment (Includes SAR reset if needed) & Tire Rotation (& Balance if needed) & 40 Point AAA Hawaii Approved Auto Repair Inspection (designed to prevent you from needing a tow) & a thorough Brake and Suspension Check. Not combinable with other offers. See store for details. Valid on most cars and light trucks (Excludes ultra high performance vehicles). Expires 6/30/2014 Coupon Code: "PHP" ... [more...] EXP 9/30/2014

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The best customer experience I've received at any auto repair shop -- or really anywhere, period! They were pleasant and professional, and kept me in the loop throughout the entire process.
4/22/2014 Liberty P. Honolulu

Lex Brodie's Alignment Services

Alignment Service

Save Gas, Money and Your Tires — Check Your Alignment!

Why Do I Have To Align My Vehicle?

Driving a car with improper alignment will cause excessive and premature tire wear. Improper alignment also reduces your fuel and performance efficiency. Improper alignment not only tugs at your steering wheel but tugs at your wallet.

Alignment Video

Important of Wheel Alignments by Dr Joe